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Bright Red Bookshelf Project

The Bright Red Bookshelf program recirculates gently used children’s books back into the community where they are made available free for families to own. Books are collected through book drives organized by service groups, congregations and campus organizations. These books are sorted, cleaned and affixed with a label, then set out on bright red bookshelves at sites where children who need and want them will have easy access to them

In Kamloops, Literacy in Kamloops organises a book drive called Heap the Honda in January of every year.  The books collected from this drive are cleaned and used to supply several Red Bookshelves throughout Kamloops.  Books are made available to children to take home with them.

The Kiwanis Club of Kamloops helps to maintain these bookshelves.

A legacy of the Summer Games 2010, these bookshelves are stocked with free books from the Heap the Honda Chidren’s Book Drive. Children can take books home, keep them, return them, or trade them for new books.

You can find a Bright Red Bookshelf at

  • ASK Wellness, Boys and Girls Club of Kamloops, Children who Witness Abuse Program, White Buffalo Aboriginal Health Society & Resource Centre, Downtown YMCA-YWCA, Interior Community Services, Secwepemc Child and Family Services Agency, Kamloops Child Development Centre,  Big Little Science Centre, Kamloops Food Bank, Kamloops Immigrant Services, Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society, Kamloops YMCA-YWCA Child Care Resource and Referral, Salvation Army Family Centre and Tournament Capital Centre
  • AE Perry, Arthur Hatton, Bert Edwards, Kay Bingham, Marion Schilling, Parkcrest, and Beattie