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Meetings: Tuesdays @ Noon Desert Gardens 540 Seymour Street

Quiz Night Spring 2018

What is Quiz Night?

Teams of up to 4 people will be asked a total of 100 questions in 10 series of 10 questions. Team members will consult with each other and record their answer on an answer sheet. At no time will any one player be put on the spot to answer on their own. The topics are wide ranging and include sports, history, geography, politics, literature and entertainment.

Why not challenge your colleagues, competitors or friends? After all, you’ve known for a long time that you’re brighter than them. This is your opportunity to prove it!

The entrance fee is only $25 per player.

Quiz Night Registration

Registration Options:

  1. Contact┬áKathy Price 250-371-2928 or email at [email protected] for more information
  2. Watch for 2018 Quiz Night Dates coming to you in the Spring